How does iMedicate work?

iMedicate will allow you to quickly calculate the amount of product needed for treatment of farm animals, based on dosages written on the product packaging.

This tool, developed by Dechra Veterinary Products, helps you to calculate the amount of the product required each day and the amount of stock solution that has to be prepared to administer the product.

There are a number of parameters you can select, as you are being guided through the different steps. As the product dosages can differ between countries, the dosing guide is country specific. However there is the option to overrule the language suggested. The country chosen will be leading for country specific dosages, not the chosen language (if different than suggested).

This dosing guide will calculate the amount of product required in just a few seconds and minimise the chance of mistakes. Thus, you saving time and guaranteeing accuracy . This helps to secure the correct treatment to the animals and prevent any problems that might occur when dosing incorrectly, like under dosing or other water system problems.

This tool is available on the website and is also available as a mobile site and as an App that can be downloaded on iPhone, Blackberry or Android systems.
It provides you fast access to product information and contact with Dechra employees for assistance if needed.

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